5 best hair smoothening shampoos for a silky and soft touch

Fed up of frizzy, damaged, and lackluster hair? Whether it’s the chilly, dry weather or a poor hair care routine, unruly locks can be challenging to manage. Frizzy hair can make your mane look messy, which becomes difficult to style. In fact, combing frizzy hair frequently only exacerbates the issue, making it more difficult to … Continue reading "5 best hair smoothening shampoos for a silky and soft touch"

5 best hair smoothening shampoos for a silky and soft touch

The most predominant belief around shampoos is that they only cleanse your scalp and tresses or remove excessive oil. However, there are many more deliverables that shampoos offer. There is a specific and targeted shampoo for every mane-related woe, and here we explore the best hair straightening shampoos. Due to heat styling, dye jobs, and other hair treatments, our tresses undergo damage and breakage, leading to frizz and unmanageable hair. For those who are looking to tackle such issues and achieve slicker, frizz-free, and more manageable hair, these top-quality hair straightening shampoos will amp up your hair care routine. 

These products have gained popularity for their ability to give your hair salon-like care and are ideal for multiple pre-hair treatment sessions. If you have not already introduced these keratin-infused, straightening shampoos to your haircare regimen, try them out now. Based on our observations, we have compiled an expert-recommended list of shampoos and a buying guide for your perusal.

1. OGX’s Brazilian keratin shampoo

Glossy locks with a lustrous shine are not something exclusive to editorials. With the use of OGX’s Brazilian keratin shampoo, infused with coconut oil, avocado oil, and cocoa butter. The blend adds a glossy shine to your locks, making them lustrous and healthy. The rich formula hydrates the strands, nourishes the scalp, softens the cuticles, and strengthens the stresses. With so many hair-loving benefits, this shampoo is great for preparing your mane for straightening, styling, Brazilian blowouts, or keratin treatments.

2. The NYK1 shampoo 

To increase the quality and longevity of your protein smoothing, keratin, or Brazilian blowout and straightening treatments, the NYK1 shampoo is one for the job. It garners protection and deep cleansing properties for all hair types. Enriched with coconut oil, this formula withholds moisture to intensely condition the hair, making it soft and lustrous. Unlike the general course, this shampoo is devoid of salt, sulfate, and sodium, which ensures that your keratin effect isn’t stripped off and stays on for long.

3. JOHN FRIEDA’s frizz-proof shampoo

Prep your hair with JOHN FRIEDA’s frizz-proof shampoo for the ultimate styling experience. Particularly curated to zap frizz and soften the tresses for manageability, this shampoo has many features to deserve a spot on your beauty shelf. Infused with keratin oil, the formula nourishes your hair and smoothens unruly locks. This allows easier styling and straightening, resulting in flawless and shiny hair. At the core, this shampoo deeply cleanses in order to achieve a healthy scalp and mane.

4.  Salerm Keratin Shot shampoo 

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