There have been matcha green teas for about a thousand years. It's time to give it a try if you haven't already. That may have you wondering: What exactly is matcha? Is it distinct from regular green tea? Is it better if so? Green teas include matcha tea. Due to its antioxidant content, it might be beneficial for your heart, weight, and other areas of health. Additionally, incorporating it into your diet is simple.You've come to the right place if you've ever wondered about any of those things. I wanted to delve deeply because matcha is a crucial component of Pep Rally, our new energy supplement. Ready? Move along!


What Is Matcha? 

In health food stores and coffee shops, matcha is often consumed as matcha shots, lattes, teas, and desserts.

Matcha is a product of the Camellia sinensis plant, just like green tea. It is, however, grown in a different way and has a special nutrient composition.

The majority of the matcha plant's growing phase is spent in shade by farmers. This absence of direct sunlight enhances the formation of chlorophyll, raises the level of amino acids, and gives the plant a deeper shade of green (1 Trusted Source).

Producers take out the stems and veins after the leaves are harvested, then they ground the leaves into a fine powder. That's matcha, then.

Matcha has more caffeine and antioxidants than normal green tea and contains the nutrients from the complete tea leaf.

Research On Matcha And Its Ingredients

Catechins, a group of plant chemicals found in tea that function as natural antioxidants, are abundant in matcha.Free radicals, which can injure cells and result in chronic disease, are chemicals that antioxidants help to stabilize.

In the shade, matcha is raised. The catechin level of the leaves is lower when they are collected than it is for other kinds of green tea. However, it creates three times as much when you dissolve it in water Giving mice matcha supplementation reduced free radical damage and increased antioxidant activity, according to one study Matcha could help you consume more antioxidants, which could reduce your chance of developing various chronic diseases and prevent cell damage .


Let's start by discussing the frequent misunderstanding between green tea and matcha. Let's start with the fundamentals to make it apparent. A particular variety of green tea is matcha. As a result, all green tea is not matcha, but all matcha is green tea.

The nutrients in the tea leaves are more potent since matcha is properly produced and processed, and you get more of that leaf in your beverage. In essence, matcha is a more efficient way to deliver the health benefits of green tea (think: caffeine and antioxidants) to your body.


Let's be clear: green tea is healthy for everyone. Just a few of the advantages are concentrated more in matcha. Here are some of my fave matcha qualities:

Compared to other varieties of green tea, matcha has more antioxidants. This essentially implies that it provides your cells with additional tools to combat harm, assisting in keeping your body healthy and preventing chronic diseases like cancer and others. 

Matcha contains more caffeine than green tea because it is more concentrated. An eight-ounce cup of regular green tea contains around 28 milligrams of caffeine. That essentially contains half the amount of caffeine found in black tea.eight-ounce cup of coffee's worth of content. In all honesty, unless I really pay attention, I can drink a cup of green tea and not experience any increase in energy.But matcha is distinct. Depending on the preparation, it may have even more caffeine than green tea, which can contain two times as much. Each serving of Pep Rally contains 80 mg of caffeine. However, since it comes from a natural source, you won't experience the jitters or any other side effects that some of the caffeinated products on the market today can have. L-theanine, a component of matcha, can actually directly counteract the edge that other kinds of caffeine have.


Recall how I said that during the latter stages of growth, shading the green tea leaves caused them to produce more amino acids? We're referring to this amino acid. L-theanine is a very effective supplement that can increase concentration and productivity. This amino acid specifically can:

a) Assist you to manage stress and maintain stable blood pressure even in demanding.

 b) Circumstances
c) Become more focused
d) Bolster your immune system

Green teas include matcha tea. Due to its antioxidant content, it might be beneficial for your heart, weight, and other areas of health. Additionally, incorporating it into your diet is simple.

In Pep Rally, there is a power player.

Due to all of these factors, matcha was essentially required for Pep Rally. As a member of the Pep squad, it aids in giving you that steady, jitter-free natural energy boost as well as improved attention, fat burning, and athletic performance. Call in the Pep Rally if you want to crush your upcoming workout or if you need a pick-me-up! 

With natural ingredients (like matcha) in our new boost, you get what you need to feel fantastic all the time and not just now. Instead of using pre-workout supplements and energy drinks, try Pep Rally to give yourself the boost you need!

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