Below is a collection of asanas that are effective in treating various diseases. The student or practitioner can carry them out and pick from them according on his needs, abilities, and convenience. Only poses for the most prevalent illnesses are included here, not poses for specific illnesses.


 Cold:  Sarvangasana, Halasana, and Shirshasana 

Cough:    Urdhavajerasana, Matsyaasana, Janushirasana, and Supat Vajrasana. 

Treating asthma.   Shirshasana, Shavaasana, Sarvaangasana, Matsayaasana, Supatvajrasana, Shalabhasana, Ushtraasana, and Ujjayi Pranayam are all effective poses.

Diabetes : include Dhanura, Matsyendra, Nauka, Surya Namaskara, and Sarapa (Bhujangasana).

Stomach disorders :Sukhasana, Padmaasana, Bhijangasana, Ardhachakraasana, Uttaanpadaasana, and Shalabhasana are poses for stomach disorders. 

liver disorders: Mayurasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Shirshaasana, Shashankasana, Halaasana, and Ushtraasana are poses for liver disorders.

Mental stress: Trikona, Hal, Vajra, Shava, Garbha, Shashaasana, and Sarvaang Asanas are poses to relieve mental stress. 

Nervous debility:  Hala, Chakra, Dhanur, Garbha, Vajra, Shiersha, Sarvaang, Shalabh, Pashiumuttaan, Shashaank, and Asanas are all symbols of nervous debility.

Stressful Asanas :     Shava and Koorma  

Insomina. Hala and Shirshaasana, Sarvaangasana, Sheetal and Sheetkari Pranayam are examples of insomina.

Hypertension:  Shashaank, Vajra, and Pawan Mukta Asana for hypertension.

Kidney issues :Oordha Matsyendra, Ushtra, Bhujang, Gomukh, Shashaank, Hala, and Dhanur Asanas are beneficial for kidney issues.

Obesity: Trikone, Paschim Uttan, Dhanur, Hala, Shalabh, Sarvaang, Paad Hastaasana, Nari Shodhan, and Udyan Baudh Asana are the poses associated with obesity.

Joint pain (arthritis):Trikone, Santulan, Gomukh, Sidha, Natraj, Veer, Vrikhsha, and Setusandha Asnas are those who suffer from joint pain (arthritis).

Back Pain: Pada Shalabh Asana, Chakra, Dhanur, Bhujang, Mayur, Shashanka, Vajrasupta, Padma, Trikone, Utkat.

Rheumatism: Dhanur, Padam, and Vajra Asanas for rheumatism.

spinal disorders  : Hala, Dhanur, Chakra, Bhujang, Sheersha, Vrishchik, Shashank, Ushtra, and Pashchim Uttaan Asanas for spinal disorders.

Gout: Janu Shir Asanas, Trikone, Parvat, Gomukh, Ardha Matsyendra, Paschim Uttan, and Pawan Mukta.

Sciatica: Vajra, Gomukh, and Hanuman Asanas for sciatica.

Constipation: Tarha, Chakra, Janushira, Mayur, Bhujang, Dhanur, Bhoomi-Pada-Mastak, Supta-Vajra, Karna-Peerha, Pada Hasta, and Matsya Asanas are all effective remedies for constipation.

worms:  Nauka, Vrishchik, Matsyendra, Mayur, Sarvang, Shirsha, Pashchim Uttan, and Asnas are examples of worms.

sour eructations: Bhujang Janushir, Chakra, Ushtra, Hasta-Pada-Angushtha, and Pashchim Uttan Asnas are examples of sour eructations.

Sterility and Frigidity: Bhujang ,pashchim uttan , sarvang. , matsaya , and supat vajra asanas.

 Weak sexual power: Chakra, Sarvanga, Garurh, Vatayan, Bhujang, Pashchim Uttan, and Shirsha Asanas have little sexual power. 

 Coryza: Shirsha, Hala, and Sarvanga Asanas are coryza. 

Throat Infection:  Singha, Sarvang, Shirsha, Hala, Chakra, Bhujang, Supta-Vajra, and Matsaya Asanas are all known to cause throat infections.

Menstrual Disorder:  Hala, Dhanur, Shava, Vajra, Sarvanga, Bhujang, Matsya, Parvat, Shalabh, and Shirsha asanas are beneficial for menstrual disorders.

 Piles And Fistula: Sidha, Gomukh, Bhadra, Chandra Namaskar, Janushira, Sukh, Sarvnga, and Uttan Pada Asanas are for piles and fistulas.

Fatigue: Preta, Shava, Matsya, and Dand Asanas are drained.

Regarding asan practice, it is advised to locate an authentic book and properly integrate and digest its contents. A yoga specialist who can properly explain the Dos and Don'ts of pertinent and necessary asanas, with special reference to a specific ailment for the eradication and treatment, must first be consulted by the prospective adherent.

The asanas we have discussed in relation to certain illnesses are referred to as "Swasthya Asanas" and are subordinate to "Dhayana Asana," which have superior position since it aims to control wavering tendencies of the mind and supports meditation and concentration.

Only a yoga instructor can provide instruction for the effective and proper performance of all swasthya asanas, which are intended for the proper maintenance of the body in a healthy state.

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