LOW SUGAR DRINK - homemade watermelon water

Quench your thirst with this refreshing and healthy homemade watermelon water. It's a low sugar drink that's perfect for staying hydrated.


All natural, low sugar, low calorie ???? A healthy alternative to plain water, sweet juices or sugary soft drinks 1. Cut a slice of watermelon and chop it into pieces. The exact amount is not important here - it gets more intense with more watermelon, more watery with less ???? You can always vary it. 2. In a blender, mix together with water, the juice of one lime & mint to make a smoothie. 3. Pass through a sieve. This way we separate the pulp and make sure that we end up with "clear" water. 4. Chill or serve with ice cubes ???? Add a slice of lime and some extra mint for decoration! ????Full recipe in my #PamApp ???? search for „watermelon“ - only 21kcal per 100ml - water with natural taste & vitamins - low sugar alternative to juice or soft drinks- clear, without any pieces - the intensity of the watermelon flavor can be varied

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