Push Pull Leg Workout For Beginners

As it is in the name, a push day workout or a push day is nothing but the types of exercises or workouts that mainly The post Push Pull Leg Workout For Beginners first appeared on EFitnessHelp.

Push Pull Leg Workout For Beginners

As it is in the name, a push day workout or a push day is nothing but the types of exercises or workouts that mainly focuses on the upper body, which uses a pushing motion. The primary target parts of the push day workouts mainly consist of the shoulders, triceps, and chests. Though few of us choose to add up the push pull leg workout in this push day workout schedule, most of them also involve a pushing motion. But most of us prefer a separate leg workout or lower body workout session.

Examples of some Push Day Workouts

#1. Push Ups

Push Ups

One basic push day workout is to perform pushups. To do pushups first, you must get yourself in the Appbank position by keeping your feet and body straight from head to heels. Then keep your hands in line with your shoulder but try to put them slightly wider.

Then use your core and gluten to hold the position. Keep your head neutral and elbow tucked as much as you can initially towards your body with a lower torso portion leaving a few inches gap between your chest and the floor. Then simply push your body up using your hands to maintain the position. Then get back to your initial position. Repeat this unto your set count.

#2. Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell Bench Press

First, you gotta lie on your back on a padded bench or some flat surface just a bit higher from the ground. The feet must be flat on the floor, and you must grab weights or dumbbells with both hands at arm’s length a bit over your chest.

Keep your back steady and maintain a 45-degree angle of hands with your body and then steadily lower the dumbbells till your upper arms get parallel with the floor. Then, reverse the process backwards to get back to the initial position. Repeat the process.

#3. Shoulder Press


You got to stand straight first, holding two dumbbells in front of the shoulders, with tucked-in elbows, and the palms should face each other.

Keep your feet spread hip-width apart. Keep your back flat, engaging your core; press the weights straight up from your shoulders till your arms get straight with your biceps by your ears. Get slowly back to your starting position and repeat the process.

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What are Push Pull Workouts?

Some people train their whole in a single day, but you better not get intense if you are doing so, as combining the push, pull, and leg workouts a day maximizes your injury risk.

One must have alternative days for each type of workout for better results. Here we have a simple push, pull, legs day program setting up a fixed weekly routine, which you can follow up to continue with for as long as you wish as a beginner.

  1. You can start your push, pull, and leg workout routine by training your chest, triceps, and shoulders on the first day. These target areas mainly engage the push workouts like chest presses, pushups, shoulder presses, etc. Try to do these three sets of each workout, hitting all the above-mentioned body parts, and the reps should range between 8-12 per set if you are a beginner.
  2. Train your biceps, back, abdomen or core the next day while the first three muscle groups have sufficient time to recover. Here we are doing pull workouts for biceps. You can choose biceps curls using dumbbells. For your back, a row is a perfect option. Ab crunches will make your core stronger. Keep the set count t to 3 for each workout and rep count ranging between 10 to 15.
  3. Train your legs. You can do setups as much as your body allows, just breaking your comfort zone. Leg raises and presses should also be performed in this case, keeping a good set and rep count.
  4. Repeat what you did on day 1 and try to increase your set or rep count.
  5. Repeat the day 2 workouts trying to increase the set or rep count.
  6. Train your legs again.
  7. It is preferable to have a rest day in a week to break the stereotype.

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What are Push Pull Split workouts?

The push, pull leg split workout mainly focuses on the major muscle groups. If you are a newbie, you must to build and plan your best 3-day or 6-day workout split to gain muscle.

The most effective way to build routines around the push-pull split workouts is squats, bench presses, etc. And along with effective isolation movements like bicep curls etc.

The push pull workout is for those who are experienced lifters and have a good understanding of both compound and isolation movements. You can have success with a 5-day push-pull split workout for 6 months or more than that. And more important is to have a balanced nutrition diet.

The push-pull split workout is a perfect solution for those with the time and energy to achieve what you can get from the push-pull split workout routine.

The Push-Pull Leg workout routine

The push pull leg workout routine is an excellent way to structure your weekly workouts by dividing your workouts into three categories:

  1. Push Exercise on chest, shoulder, triceps
  2. Pull exercise on back and biceps
  3. Legs

You can easily manage your push pull leg workout around your work schedules. Only you need to change your push pull leg workout every 8-12 weeks to keep your mind and body stable.

6-Day Push-Pull legs workout 

  1. Chest, shoulder & triceps
  2. Back, Biceps & Abs
  3. Legs
  4. Chest, Shoulder & Triceps
  5. Back, Biceps, and Abs
  6. Legs

The beginners should follow the schedule in every other day split, while the intermediate lifers must perform the routine in 3-on/1 off split it Push/Pull/Legs/Rest and then repeat.

The advance lifter must perform the push-pull legs workout in a 6-on/1-off manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of nutrition must I intake while practicing the pull-push workouts?

If you want to maximize muscle size and strength gains at 6-days a week, you must match your caloric intake. High-volume programs require increased calories.

How much exercise per day should I do?

It is best to choose 4-5 exercises and stick to that workout for about 6 weeks, depending on your progress.

Are Push-pull workouts effective?

Keep focused on how you move rather than what body parts can help you get stronger and faster. Training your upper body on one day and the lower body on another is a great way to approach your workouts.The post Push Pull Leg Workout For Beginners first appeared on EFitnessHelp.

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