Swim Journey

Embark on a transformative Swim Journey and dive into the world of swimming. Improve technique, endurance, and embrace the joy of the water.


As I was losing time, I had no choice but to sacrifice the weak. ????Crinkle fabric did not make it. He had to be dropped because we did not have enough time to figure out how to use him properly. ???? Several styles were dropped last minute as the fit was not working and I knew would take several more months to lock down. However, there was one thing I COULD NOT sacrifice: the fit of our hero bra. One of my favorite pieces is the @popflexactive Boardwalk Bombshell Bra that you see in video. It was the first time I had ever worked with underwire and I was honestly so happy at our results. If fit me perfect. However when my friend came over, I asked her to try on this bra and her D’s were dangerously bursting out of the cups. In that moment I made the decision to DELAY our timeline on purpose. There was absolutely NO WAY I could release this bra without having multiple cup options for you guys. Sacrificing fit is not an option. When we finally finished developing the second underwire size, it was already June. WE WERE SO LATE. I had originally wanted to launch in April! We rushed straight into production, booked our photographer, booked out models, booked our venue and then - 2 days before we shoot, I had nothing in my hands. To be continued… ♥️Cassey

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