30 Min Yoga Workout - Full Body Flow

Experience a full-body flow with this 30-minute yoga workout. Strengthen, stretch, and find balance as you move through various poses and sequences.


This is an intermediate to advanced power full body yoga flow class. This vinyasa yoga workout sequence is designed to help you build strength and flexibility through your yoga practice. By using detailed instruction to help produce a well-aligned flow, the class has a meditative quality that will help to keep you injury free and help you to understand if you are doing the yoga poses well to get the maximum benefit. The Flow is based on a blend of the Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga schools, along with principles from power yoga, and Vinyasa. This class was filmed at my house, with my dog Ollie. If you enjoy my classes, you can find hundreds more by joining my Conscious Movement Community. In addition to getting access to longer/stronger weekly exclusive videos, all of my workshops/ courses, and a 90 video 5 part course to help you advance from wherever you are in your practice, you'll also get all of my youtube content ad-free. The CMC is the best online course to help you advance and deepen your yoga practice. Join the community here: https://yogawithtim.mykajabi.com I hope you dig today's video. Please let me know in the comments section if you do so I can make more videos like this for you. Also, please take a moment to Subscribe to my Channel, as it really helps me out, and you'll receive free Yoga Videos Weekly. Click here: https://www.youtube.com/yogawithtim?sub_confirmation=1 Instagram: @TimSenesiYoga Facebook: Tim Senesi Yoga #poweryoga #yogaforstrength #yogaforflexibility

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