5 best tummy trimmers to reduce belly fat and get washboard abs

Eating right and exercising are non-negotiables for a healthy life. But if you are working towards cutting abdominal fat, you’ve got to do a little bit more! You can go to the gym and do complex exercises, but you can also invest in one of the best tummy trimmers to reduce belly fat. What is … Continue reading "5 best tummy trimmers to reduce belly fat and get washboard abs"

5 best tummy trimmers to reduce belly fat and get washboard abs

For many dieters, losing stubborn belly fat is frequently one of the hardest and last areas to see improvement. 

Achieving a calorie deficit through increased exercise and reduced eating is the key to losing belly fat and getting a flat stomach, and it takes at least six to twelve weeks to do this. You must adhere to a stricter and more regular diet and exercise routine during that time if your belly fat is particularly impatient.

Losing obstinate abdominal fat is often one of the most difficult and last areas to improve for dieters. 

The secret to losing belly fat and getting a flat stomach is to create a calorie deficit by increasing exercise and reducing food intake, which takes at least six to twelve weeks to accomplish. If your belly fat is especially impatient during that period, you will need to follow a stricter and more consistent diet and exercise regimen.

Standing workouts to lose belly fat

Regularly perform these 5 standing exercises to lose stubborn belly fat and lose overall weight:

1. The forward fold
One of the best standing exercises for rapid weight loss is the forward fold. Daily practice of this strengthens the legs and aids in weight loss. In addition, it helps to strengthen your digestive system.

How to carry out this exercise:

Step onto the mat straight to accomplish this. Raise both hands and extend your elbows straight.
Now extend both arms straight down to the floor. Avoid bending your knees and maintain a straight waist while doing this.
Make sure your legs are separated by at least one step. Your body will be more balanced as a result.
For a duration of 30 to 1 minute, maintain this posture.
Return to your starting position now and repeat the process.
Repeat the same motion ten times, then gradually increase the count.

2. Hip circles

Obesity can arise from having too much belly fat. The hip circle is one of the best exercises for maintaining your physical fitness. It aids in the reduction of hip and belly fat. Additionally, it fortifies your pelvic floor muscles.

How to carry out this exercise:

To perform this exercise, keep your legs apart and stand upright. in order to prevent you from falling or becoming unbalanced while doing the exercise.
Now, place both hands on the waist, turn the waist in a clockwise circle with the hips.
This exercise helps lessen the fat that has gathered around the waist and hips. Repeat this exercise for a duration of one to two minutes.
After completing this exercise, release tension and allow the body to unwind for a while.

3. Side reach

Exercises that require side reach are excellent for building arm strength. Apart from that, by increasing your metabolism and calorie burn, this exercise also aids in the burning of belly fat. Additionally, regular use of this exercise is highly advantageous for gut health.

How to perform this exercise:

On the mat, stand upright to perform this exercise. With your left hand still on your waist, raise your right arm and slant your body to the left.
Return to the beginning position.
Now, raise your left arm, slant your body to the right, and maintain your right arm at your waist.
During your workout, do this exercise ten times on each side.
Make sure your spine and legs are straight while you do this exercise.

4. Standing leg raises

Leg raises while standing help to improve lower body strength and flexibility. This exercise can aid in the loss of belly fat when done on a regular basis. What’s more? 

  How to perform this exercise:   

Stand up straight to perform this exercise. Now, clench both hands into fists and bring them close to the stomach.

Maintain a straight back throughout the exercise. Step forward now, leaving three to four steps between each leg.
Step outside and extend the right leg. Continue in the same manner with your left leg.
Ten times on each side, repeat this exercise.

5. Squat twists

Squat twists are one of the best exercises to lose weight around your waist because they burn more calories than crunches, sit-ups, or simple squats.

How to carry out this exercise:

Set your feet apart by hip width.
Make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor as you squat down.
As you jump up, make a 90-degree turn to the right with your body.
Jump once more and turn back to the center after swiftly tapping your feet to the ground.
Once more, squat and repeat in the opposite direction as you make your way back to the center.
Engage in these workouts on a regular basis to reap the full range of benefits!

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